July 17, 2018

Moments ago, a Colorado District Court Judge entered an Order cancelling a Trustee’s (foreclosure) sale which was scheduled for tomorrow morning (July 18) in Douglas County, Colorado. The foreclosing party is Deutsche Bank as claimed Trustee of an American Home Mortgage securitization trust which closed in 2006. It is public knowledge that AHM filed for Bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware in 2007 which proceeding remains active to this day.

The case involves issues as to a MERS Assignment of the Deed of Trust and Deutsche Bank’s alleged legal ability to seek enforcement of the Note (issued in favor of the bankrupt American Brokers Conduit, which was a subsidiary of the bankrupt AHM).

The homeowners, who have lived in their home for over 18 years, are represented by Jeff Barnes, Esq. of W.J. Barnes, P.A. The homeowners were given less than 7 days’ notice of the sale of their home. Mr. Barnes filed a new action with supporting papers including an Emergency Motion for a TRO last Friday. The matter was assigned to the Judge yesterday, who just entered the TRO minutes before this post with a detailed ruling citing case law and factually that the homeowners had satisfied all of the necessary elements, both procedural and substantive, to be entitled to a TRO.

The matter now proceeds into discovery and the conversion of the TRO into a preliminary injunction so that no sale can occur while the matter is being litigated.

Jeff Barnes, Esq.,