November 14, 2010

We ordinarily do not go out of our way to repeat news we hear about on other websites, but this latest story needs repeating and also needs more than urgent attention. Apparently, in the upcoming lame duck session of Congress which begins tomorrow, Monday, November 15, 2010, certain members of Congress are drafting and will attempt to push through one or more bills legitimizing all actions of MERS retroactively through provisions buried in rushed legislation which has nothing to do, on its face, with mortgages, lending, or anything related to the foreclosure crisis in the hope that homeowners do not find it. The actions are allegedly being characterized as those under the Commerce Clause, and are, if this is true, nothing short of a conspiracy between the banksters and the government to perpetuate one of the greatest frauds in history on the American homeowner with the goal of providing the banksters with a mechanism to legitimize the countless frauds of MERS over the years.

Such action is unconstitutional on many fronts, including constituting an illegal ex post facto law; a violation of the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution; and a conspiracy by the Government to legitimize the fraudulent acts of a private company to the detriment of the United States homeowner.

We have been advised that fortunately, there are certain individuals in Washington who are keeping an eye on this attempted cabal, and are going to work overtime to try to prevent its consummation. Those of you who follow the recent escapades of the banksters know that they recently attempted to have the President sign legislation legitimizing illegal notarizations on foreclosure documents, which thankfully did not happen. The same watchdog/preventive action must be taken here. If not, the banksters will have accomplished the perpetration of the largest fraud upon this country since they got into the securitization business.

Jeff Barnes, Esq., www.ForeclosureDefenseNationwide.com