January 12, 2011

Per our previous announcement, FDN has scheduled two (2) all-day foreclosure defense seminars: the first in Newport Beach, California on Friday, January 21, 2011, and the second in the Raritan Center, New Jersey area during the first part of February.  The date will be either February 1 or 2, as we are awaiting information from a court as to a hearing on one of those days. We have received many requests for registration since the holidays ended.

The seminar has been accredited by The Florida Bar for seven (7) General CLE hours. CLE credits in a CLE state are generally applicable to other states which have CLE requirements. Attorneys should check with their state Bar as to CLE reciprocity.

The scheduled topic areas to be covered are:

   (a)  Identifying Preliminary Issues and Defenses

   (b)  Securitization, Mortgage Loan Conveyance Requirements in Pooling and Servicing Agreements, and Governing Documents as to servicers

   (c)  MERS, including MERS contracts, limitations, and case law

   (d)  Discovery

  (e)  Filing and Defending Dispositive Motions and defending Motions to Dismiss

   (f)  Temporary Forbearance and Loan Modification Agreements; Mediation and settlement

   (g)  Bankruptcy issues; Defending Eviction, FED, and UD actions.

The seminars are for attorneys and paralegals only. Registration forms are available by e-mail request.

Jeff Barnes, Esq.,