May 18, 2015

Butler & Hosch, which was (according to the press) one of the largest foreclosure mills in the country, has shut down and has filed an Assignment for the benefit of creditors. The Firm was based in Orlando, Florida and had offices in numerous states and was prosecuting approximately 60,000 foreclosure cases, having admittedly picked up “many files from the defunct Law Offices of David J. Stern”.

The press has stated that its 700 employees were “stunned” at the news, which was apparently delivered at 5:00 p.m. last Thursday in a conference call with an attorney from another large law Firm which handles foreclosures in Florida.

Thus, those 60,000 cases will be in limbo until the former clients of B&H retain another law Firm, which may be difficult as many of the files are most likely infected with David Stern problems (e.g. fraudulently manufactured documents, bogus assignments, backdated notaries, fraudulent claims, etc.).

Jeff Barnes, Esq.,