Jeff Barnes, Esq. admitted PHV in Nebraska and pending admission in Connecticut

March 25, 2016

Jeff Barnes, Esq. has been admittedĀ pro hac vice in connection with a foreclosure case in Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska. The case involves issues relating to MERS and the alleged standing of the Plaintiff to foreclose. As those of you who follow this website know, the decision inĀ MERS v. Nebraska Dept. of Banking and Finance was one of the seminal cases establishing what MERS is and is not, and was the case where MERS’ counsel admitted to the Supreme Court of Nebraska that MERS does not own or hold promissory notes, does not lend money, does not extend credit, etc.

Mr. Barnes is also pending admission PHV in Stamford, Connecticut in connection with a foreclosure matter involving Wells Fargo as the claimed trustee of a securitization trust, the defunct American Brokers’ Conduit, and issues of alleged transfer of the loan from the originating lender. Mr. Barnes is scheduled to argue a Motion to dismiss the foreclosure with prejudice at a hearing in the Stamford Court on April 7, 2016.

Jeff Barnes, Esq.,