Seminar CLE Accreditation Update

September 2, 2016

The Florida Bar has approved CLE accreditation for the first of five courses to be taught by Mr. Barnes at the foreclosure defense seminar series. The process to accredit the other four courses has been temporarily interrupted due to the closure of the offices of The Florida Bar as a result of Hurricane Hermine.

The five courses to be taught by Mr. Barnes at the seminars are:

(a)  Identifying Preliminary Defenses and Case Screening (CLE approved);

(b)  Securitizations, SBM, Asset Purchase, and Merger Cases

(c)  Discovery and Dealing With Objections;

(d)  Filing and Defending Dispositive Motions and Declaratory Relief; and

(e)  Forbearance Agreements, Loan Modifications, Mediation, and Bankruptcy Issues.

Securitization expert and former Wall Street mortgage-backed securities manager and mortgage lender Richard Kahn will be teaching Securitization analysis and Loan History Examinations, including the use of expert testimony for discovery, defending summary judgment motions, and trial.

The seminars are open to attorneys, homeowners, paralegals, and anyone desiring to obtain knowledge as to the defense of foreclosure actions. Registration may be made by going to the website,

Jeff Barnes, Esq.,