February 3, 2017

Today, a District Court in Fort Bend County, Texas has granted a homeowner’s emergency motion to cancel a foreclosure sale scheduled by JPMorgan Chase which sale was scheduled for February 7, 2017. The homeowner is represented by Jeff Barnes, Esq. (who drafted the Petition (Complaint), Emergency Motion for Temporary Restraining Order, and the TRO itself), and local Texas counsel J. Derek Winfrey, Esq.

The case centers around JPM’s alleged acquisition, from the FDIC, of a WaMu-originated loan via the FDIC Receivership of WaMu. The Petition recites the lack of any mortgage loan schedule to the Purchase and Assumption Agreement between JPM and the FDIC; the lack of any reference to mortgage loans in the P&AA; the inconsistent position taken by JPM in Federal litigation in which it claimed that it is not the successor in interest to WaMu; and the deposition testimony of former WaMu and JPM mortgage management employee Lawrence Nardi that there was never any schedule of mortgage loans as to loans (allegedly) acquired by JPM from the FDIC and that there were no assignments, allonges, or endorsements evidencing the transfer of any WaMu loans to JPM.

The case will now proceed into discovery.

Jeff Barnes, Esq.,