Foreclosure Offense: Difficulty Tracing Title To Home Involving Securitized Foreclosed Mortgage Stalls House Closing

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, FOX9 reports:

A Twin Cities couple is hoping to turn a foreclosed home into a home, but it has not been easy. Three different closing dates have fallen through. […] In the Waite Park neighborhood in northeast Minneapolis, a little cottage on Benjamin Street has been sitting empty since spring. Heather Playman and her husband would love to buy it. In fact, they even have a purchase agreement, picking it up two months ago for a relative steal at $165,000.


But the bank won’t close on the deal. The problem is with the paperwork: the title and the deed. Wachovia used to own the house, now it’s Fannie Mae. The city of Minneapolis says it’s a common problem that keeps hundreds of homes in limbo. “Many mortgages were bought and sold between lenders over and over again and it is difficult to trace the title.”(1)

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