April 4, 2018

Recent experiences with “servicers” have lead to this post, which is a cautionary warning for all homeowners dealing with “servicers” on any level.

As we all know, Ocwen Loan Servicing has been sued for fraud by the government (again). Despite this, Ocwen continues to lie and commit fraud upon homeowners by first agreeing to payment plans and loan resolutions only to then reneg on their prior position, and in more than one case, claiming that it did not receive modification payments and declaring the homeowner to be in “default”¬†despite the fact that Ocwen signed for receipt of the payments.

In another case, SLS made a detailed settlement offer which the homeowner accepted. When the homeowner requested that the settlement be reduced to writing, SLS then attempted to impose several harsh additional conditions on the settlement which were not part of the offer made by SLS and were thus not accepted by the homeowner.

The lesson to be learned here, in the vernacular, is that one can never, ever, trust a servicer under any circumstances. They will lie, fabricate events, fail to disclose the truth, and engage in fraud for their own selfish ends.

Jeff Barnes, Esq.,