Seminars; Mortgage Loan and Trust Investigations


FDN periodically hosts live seminars at various locations. Seminar are limited to attorneys and paralegals. Seminar participants are provided with a notebook packed with sample pleadings, motions, memoranda of law, case law, and forms including cllient intake and screening forms and discovery forms as well. Topics covered include:

(a) Case screening and identifying preliminary issues in foreclosure documents

(b) Prelitigation inquiries (including 1641(f)(2) and document requests)

(c) MERS (assignments, substitutions of trustee, limitations on MERS including case law)

(d) Securitization issues (including loan delivery limitations, toxic assignments, credit enhancements and insurances)

(e) Initial pleadings (Answers and Counterclaims in judicial cases; Complaints, Temporary Restraining Orders, and Preliminary Injunctions in nonjudicial cases)

(f) Discovery

(g) Filing and defending dispositive motions (to dismiss and for summary judgment)

(h) Forebearance Agreements, Mediation, loan restructuring issues, and certain Bankruptcy issues.

Registration forms for seminars are available upon e-mail request. Seminars are limited to attorneys and paralegals associated with law Firms.

Loan and Trust Investigations

FDN now has two certified mortgage loan and securitized mortgage loan trust investigators who utilize various databases to track the history of a mortgage loan including any alleged placement into a securitized mortgage loan trust (including private, non-SEC filed trusts) and particular information as to a particular trust. Loan and trust investigations are available to anyone. Reports from these investigations are factual in nature and do not contain any legal advice. Use of the matters from the reports and investigations is proper by licensed attorneys who practice in the area of foreclosure defense.

Contact information for loan and trust investigations is available upon e-mail request.