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I just wanted to send my thanks and send appreciation for all that you and Lynn are doing to assist me. Also, just a blessing that you have Lynn as co-counsel in Arizona. I have been in her presence twice now and again tomorrow, June 8 as the hearing to set the date, and I must say that her warmth, her love for the law and her kind human delivery is very much appreciated. She loves working with you and she is honored to help with our case.

Ronald L. Caparro

We have been working with Jeff for about a year. In that time, we knew we were “sharing him” with the other clients in the other 27 states he is currently working in. It took us two years to build our house with our own hands. For the past three years we hae continued working on it to make it the home it is today. The threat of foreclosure is a uniquely emotional rollercoaster. The high points were always a result of Jeff’s experience, work on our behalf and subsequent victories. We were fortuante enough to have Jeff appear in person for our case, and we saw firsthand that we are “not just anotehr address” to him. He cares deeply. He is as passionate about helping people as he is knowledgeable. And his knowledge in this field is unparalleled. We experienced first hand his compassion and learned how big his heart truly is. It is virtually impossible to thank Jeff enough for what he has done for us and what he is continuing to do for people all over the U.S. We have been truly blessed by his presence in our lives. Thank you, Jeff.

Richard and Rebecca Niday, Oregon

January 28, 2010

A quick note to say thanks for all of your help. You accepted our file after several other so-called experts had given us bad advice or even abandoned us at literally the last minute. Your knowledge, experience and confidence gave us tremendous peace of mind through a very difficult and sometimes, as you well know, very stressful time. There are a lot of people out there touting how great they are, but you actually do what you say you will. Keep up the great work.

Kindest regards,

Tim & Stephanie Bloch 

We were getting no where with the loan servicing company. We found Jeff through a friend and are completely impressed with his knowledge of the law and all the details that are involved in this kind of legal action. He is very thorough and detailed in his legal filings, covering all the bases, quoting case law and, above all else, believing in his clients rights. He makes it very easy to trust him.  As a result of the first letter he sent, Jeff got the Trustee sale postponed. He then filed a complaint in District Court against the loan servicer, MERS and the Trustee, from which we were granted an (TRO) Injunction against the Trustee by the judge, with no time limit to the ruling. Furthermore, he sifted the burden of proof to the servicer. As it stands now, the Trustee has been forced to put up or shut up. In other words, they will have to prove to the court that they have a right to take our home.  And since they refused to respond to Jeff’s demands for documentation in the past, it is unlikely that they are even able to do so. We are deeply and profoundly grateful to have found Jeff, and for everything he has done for us. We recommend Jeff Barnes with great enthusiasm and joy! 

Richard and Rebecca Niday, Oregon 

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I knew about three years ago that I was headed for foreclosure. Sure enough,  two years later (about 8 months ago) I hit the wall and the foreclosure process started.  I started researching out attorneys to find someone who could help me.  The locals scoffed at my ideas even when I showed them case law supporting this movement.  Then I found Jeff Barnes and the Foreclosure Defense Network.  I could tell from his writings he knew what he was talking about and as I researched things further,  I found he was the attorney of record in many of these groundbreaking cases.

I hired Jeff and I could not be more pleased.  His strategies are excellent and well thought out and his presence in the courtroom is commanding.  In the hearing we recently had,  he boiled a complicated subject down to a few simple concepts and had the judge nodding his head in agreement and understanding. 

I received a great deal of pressure from family,  friends  and business associates to follow the well worn path of a quick sale/short sale and all the other things everyone tells you that you should do.  I knew if I followed the herd,  they would run me over the cliff.  Jeff showed me the alternate path I wanted to travel was valid.  To anyone thinking of travelling this lesser worn trail,  please know Jeff is an excellent guide.  He will get you there safely. 

Keep up the good work,  Jeff.  You are fighting the good fight.

Vermont in Idaho

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We unfortunately got mixed up with a bunch of predatory lenders which left us financially and mentally devastated and to the point of foreclosure twice. We just could not see how anyone could do business as such and we knew deep down that there was just something wrong with what had happened to us. After almost 2 years with the foreclosure hanging over our heads, that glorious day finally came when we found attorney Jeff Barnes. Jeff is direct, professional and knows this stuff inside and out! He has done a wonderful job for us and we are just now getting started. We recommend him to anyone involved in this mess

Wayne and Cindy O’Neal, Sharpsburg, Georgia

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Jeff Barnes is an incredibly gifted and talented attorney and litigator. In our case (The Burrow Family), he took what seemingly appeared impossible to turn around, and now has us on the footing to be victorious. He researches all of the statues himself, and has an uncanny knack of leveling the playing field for the little guy…

Thank you very much and God bless,

Samuel and Armintia Burrow, Ellicott City, Maryland

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I just wanted to take a moment to say what a joy it’s been to work with Jeff Barnes and his team at Foreclosure Defense Nationwide.

My wife and I were facing a a rapidly-approaching sale date of our home due to a foreclosure action against us.  We thank God everyday for leading us to Jeff because he was able to cut through the mess we faced and spot the predatory lending tactics that were present in our loan. From there, Jeff and his team quickly turned around a powerful, 11-count lawsuit against a number of co-conspirators including the mortgage broker, lender and the investment bank that all had tried to suck the life out of us.

We only had a matter of days before the Sheriff’s Sale was scheduled to take place, but Jeff’s fast, effective actions saved our home from the auction block.  While our counter-suit against the lenders is ongoing, we’re confident that we’ll ultimately prevail with Jeff and his team on our side.

For further information, you can view Jeff’s work on our behalf on the right side of this website under the heading “Federal Complaint in Ohio”.  You may also contact us directly at 330-270-0257.


Ron and Nancy Smith, Canfield, Ohio

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For over 25 years and I’ve been a licensed real estate broker. In that time I’ve dealt with quite a few foreclosures. Until I met Mr. Barnes I thought that when a bank commences foreclosure, it gets its way. In times past, this may have been true, but not now. Mr. Barnes has turned the table on lenders, and appropriately so.   He is so knowledgeable and innovative in his approach that he has gotten the attention of two of my long-time attorney friends, who are fascinated by his expertise and effectiveness. I would encourage anyone facing foreclosure to contact Mr. Barnes for assistance. He is for real. He has helped me beyond all expectations. I would classify him as a lender’s worst nightmare!

Walter deMilly
Key West, Florida

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Mr. Barnes,

I just want to let you know how much your involvement in my home foreclosure case has helped alleviate the stress and mental strain associated with dealing with the many layers of lenders representatives and attorneys hounding me on a daily basis. Your knowledge of the law and standing up for the rights of the homeowner being inundated with legal action by these “lawyer mills”, whom one can never contact, is a comfort in these difficult times.

Thanks Again,

Bill [last name redacted]
Key West, Florida