November 20, 2015

In view of overwhelming demand and continuing requests, Mr. Barnes will shortly be releasing his first foreclosure e-book which will be made available to anyone. As those of you who follow this website know, Mr. Barnes has a Masters’ Degree in education and was previously a teacher before becoming an attorney, and has been involved in foreclosure defense cases in over 35 states since essentially confining his law practice to the defense of foreclosures beginning in mid-2008.

The e-book will be a primer which will introduce the reader to a variety of foreclosure issues and cover multiple topics relating to foreclosure, including explaining the procedural and substantive differences between judicial and non-judicial foreclosure; MERS issues; an introduction to how securitization works and issues in securitization cases; discovery; and more. A monthly update service will also be made available which will provide information as to trends in the law, current issues in foreclosure litigation, and new developments on specific foreclosure-related matters.

At this time, the anticipated release date for the e-book is late December, 2015 (in approximately 6 weeks). Further details will be provided shortly, and a separate link will be added to this website related to the e-book and the monthly update subscription service.

Jeff Barnes, Esq.,


(Mr. Barnes has been “on the road” for the past weeks traveling to hearings in different states)

November 19, 2015

A Pinellas County, Florida Circuit Judge vacated a Final Default Judgment against a homeowner who resides in Israel who never resided in the Florida property upon which Wells Fargo foreclosed upon. The loan file reflected that Wells Fargo knew that the homeowner resided in Israel and actually had his address in Israel, yet directed its process server (per statements on the process server’s Service Affidavit) not to attempt service in Israel. Service was allegedly made by “publication”.

The Final Default Judgment was thus vacated and set aside, as the obvious attempt of Wells Fargo was to avoid compliance with Florida’s service of process statutes and circumvent the required service with “publication”. Jeff Barnes, Esq. represents the homeowner.

In Connecticut, a foreclosure action was dismissed based on a lack of standing and lack of any proof of any proper transfer of the loan to the foreclosing Plaintiff, which was proven by a loan investigation report of the homeowner’s expert witness Richard Kahn. Mr. Kahn was formerly upper management with Merrill Lynch’s mortgage-backed securitization division on Wall Street, and has also assisted Mr. Barnes in securing a victory at trial and successfully opposing summary judgment motions in other cases.

The homeowner was represented by the Scalzi law offices in Connecticut, with substantial assistance from John Krondes who is a paralegal with that Firm who also assists W. J. Barnes, P.A. in that capacity with other cases.

Jeff Barnes, Esq.,