June 10, 2016

In a span of just over a week, the Barnes law Firm accomplished the following:

(a)  Prevailing in an appeal of the trial court’s vacatur of a Final Judgment of Foreclosure on the issues involving service of process on a foreign national and interpretation of the Hague Convention provisions as to such service;

(b)  prevailing at trial in a case involving multiple alleged transfers of a WaMu originated loan (ultimately and allegedly to a private securitization trust) and issues of admissibility of evidence related to a “paragraph 22” issue (where the “default letter” was allegedly issued by WaMu long after WaMu had filed Bankruptcy and no proof that the letter was authorized by the Bankruptcy Court or otherwise);

(c)  negotiating a settlement on the eve of trial and thus saving a single mom with two small children (one a newborn) from foreclosure;

(d)  negotiating a $346,000.00 second mortgage down to a settlement of $18,000.00.

The details of items (c) and (d) above are confidential as they were settlements.

Jeff Barnes, Esq., www.ForeclosureDefenseNationwide.com