October 6, 2020

W.J. Barnes, P.A. has joined Foreclosure Resolutions and Solutions, LLC, which is a multi-service company providing debt and loan negotiation services, business management services, defense to foreclosure and eviction actions, real estate services, and relocation services to clients worldwide. The LLC was established by Dr. Andre Larabie and Jeff Barnes, who have worked together for over twenty (20) years.

The website is www.Foreclosureresolutionsandsolutions.com. Profiles of the Team are displayed on a dedicated page. Narratives describing specific aspects and events in a foreclosure are also on separate pages under their respective titles.

Dr. Larabie is an internationally recognized expert in debt restructuring and negotiation and business management, and is the author of several books. Mr. Barnes has been a full-time litigator for over 32 years who has litigated in 39 states and at both the trial and appellate levels in state and Federal Courts and has established law in several states. Dianne Jennings is a real estate expert and financial strategist and a Certified Financial Education Instructor who works with the National Financial Educators Council and served as an instructor at the Brookshire Professional Training Institute.

FRS LLC has already received numerous requests for assistance, and testimonials have been provided from satisfied clients of members of the Team, some of which are posted on the homepage of the website.

Mr. Barnes will continue to represent homeowners and renters through W.J. Barnes, P.A. as he has done for over 12 consecutive years to date.

Jeff Barnes, Esq., www.ForeclosureDefenseNationwide.com