December 11, 2020

Several months ago, Mr. Barnes predicted to his network attorneys and associates that a foreclosure and eviction avalanche was on the way due to COVID-19 and its affects, and that the deluge would hit beginning in January of 2021 when the CDC eviction ban expired.

Today, a major news network announced that an “avalanche” (their word) of foreclosures and evictions are poised to be filed as of January 1, 2021. The news network previously reported that the CDC moratorium on foreclosures and evictions will in fact expire on December 31, 2020 and will not be extended as the banks’ position is that they have “waited long enough” and are not agreeing to continue to halt foreclosures and evictions.

In Florida alone, more then 12,000 new evictions are scheduled to be filed as of Monday, January 4, 2021. Another source has advised that in Las Vegas, Nevada, over 200,000 (yes, two hundred thousand) eviction cases are slated to be filed beginning in January.

As with the mountain of foreclosures and evictions which were filed after the economic crash of 2008, there will be new defenses to the foreclosures and evictions to be filed in January which have their roots in contract law when an event like a pandemic causes those being foreclosed and evicted from being unable to make their rent and mortgage payments. As those of you who have followed this website over the years are aware, Mr. Barnes spent years developing and presenting new defenses to foreclosures and evictions which arose out of the circumstances of the 2008 crash. He intends to do so again with the current oncoming onslaught of foreclosures and evictions caused by an event which no one in this lifetime has ever seen before.

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